Baby Box


Mothering the Mother, Inc is excited to be partnering with The Baby Box Company in order to distribute Baby Boxes which will provide a safe place to sleep for EVERY baby.  The boxes are of a sturdy design with a fitted mattress safe for baby to sleep in/on.  The box is easy to move around your home  or to take with while visiting friends/relatives or for traveling.  The box also comes with baby supplies, educational materials and more.    

The boxes are available to ALL mothers....there are no income guidelines or qualifiers to receiving a box other than to complete a short online educational program and to present the certificate of completion.  This can be done on your phone, tablet, home computer, public library or even in the Mothering the Mother office.  Just follow the simple steps below to receive your FREE box:

  • Go to on your computer, phone or tablet. 
  • Create a free account
  • Go to the home page and from the "select your syllabus" find the "Milwaukee Syllabus" option and click on it
  • Watch all of the videos in this syllabus and answer the short quiz at the end.  
  • Save your certificate of completion (can keep a printed copy or a screenshot)
  • Schedule an appointment online here to pick up your baby box.  When scheduling please make sure you choose the bottom category that says Baby Box pick up (do not choose to schedule with Michelle Hardy or choose the Breastfeeding Assistance category...if you do the appointment will be cancelled and need to be rescheduled in the appropriate category).   
  • When you come in please bring along either a paper copy or screenshot of your certificate of completion

It's that simple and you will receive your box!!!