Breastfeeding Assistance and Classes

Breastfeeding Assistance (see class list below)

Free Breastfeeding Help

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In Home Assistance

  • In home Breastfeeding Assistance with an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant - $85 (travel distance is limited to 30 minutes from our office...if further away $20 will be charged for each additional 1/2 hr of travel time).  You must call or email to schedule an appointment with our IBCLC – her availability is limited.
  • In home Breastfeeding Assistance in Milwaukee and surrounding  counties with a counselor - $70 (travel distance is limited to 30 minutes from our office....if further away $20  will be charged for each additional 1/2 hr of travel time)

We understand the importance of getting help with breastfeeding as soon as possible...if our availability isn't soon enough please email us 

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Breastfeeding Your Baby - try our new pay what you can afford class

 We've got you covered here! This class offers you an understanding of all your options, techniques and the different stages of feeding for you and your baby. There is a heavy emphasis on breastfeeding in this class.  While we do talk about formula feeding the goal of this class is to help make your breastfeeding relationship a success.

Specific topics included are: 

  • Anatomy of the breasts and how they make milk
  • Benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby
  • Breastfeeding techniques (latch and positioning)
  • Pumping and storing breastmilk
  • Breast issues and concerns and how to handle them
  • What to do when things aren't going as planned
  • Formula costs and how to prepare formula safely according to the World Health Organizations guidelines
  • Introducing solid foods at an appropriate age

Class fee: 

  • $40 / $30 / $20 / $10 per family - you choose what you can realistically afford (Please read below)!
  • $100 if you request a private class

Michelle believes in giving back to her community so her classes are on a pay what you can afford basis.  Her full fee is $40 per class, but she works on the honor know what you can afford, so look at your finances and consider the value of her classes and if finances are an issue please pay what you can afford and attend our high quality classes.   

Upcoming class dates 2018 (this class is 3 1/2 hrs):​  

  • November 17th at 6 pm
  • December 1st at 6 pm

Class dates 2019:

  • January 9th at 6 pm
  • February 13th at 6 pm
  • March 13th at 6 pm
  • April 13th at 7 pm
  • May 22nd at 6 pm
  • June 12th at 6 pm
  • July 24th at 6 pm
  • August 28th at 6 pm
  • September 11th at 6 pm
  • October 15th at 6 pm
  • November 13th at 6 pm
  • December 11th at 6 pm