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Martha Wasserm

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I am deep in doula land and I love it!   I am certified by Well Rounded in Milwaukee and by Hypnobabies.  Birth doula, postpartum doula and combination options are available at Doula Woman.

Doula Woman is always open: people of all lifestyles, histories, belief-systems and habits are welcome here. Feel free to bring your issues. I have attended over 100 births and for this I am deeply thankful.

Experience:   VBAC,   people from various ages, priorities and  experiences including, anxiety, addiction, trauma,  and medical treatments, high risk women, long labors, short labors, physiologic birth including water birth, medically managed births including induction, csection panned epidurals, and more.  Most of the time I serve as a traditional doula and when a client is hypno-birthing, I serve as a hypno-doula.

I work at community based births (meaning you birth at home or a birth center with a midwife present).   Most of my clients choose hospital births.  I am one of a small minority of doulas in the area open and available to attend Freebirth (aka planned unassisted birth) which means the birthing person maintains body sovereignty and is the only person managing the labor and birth.  

Postpartum experience:   breast-feeding help, twins, preemies, emotional support,  chores, talk-it out, child-care, errands, referrals ++. Postpartum is for day-time between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

I worked many years in institutional healthcare as a cardiac ultrasound tech.. Translation of medical talk is my forte.

Perks:  Prenatal yoga, a written birth story, Spinning Babies, Reiki, acupressure, oils, experience and knowledge specific to protocols of area hospitals and providers, placenta encapsulation at reduced rate to birth doula clients.

My doula philosophy: This is your body, your pregnancy, your birth, and then your parenting style. You keep your power and your voice.  I serve as an extension of you.

I have in-depth experience working with people challenged by mental illness, society
stigma, other issues, and have worked the system hard-core.

It is a deep honor to be your doula. Call or email to schedule a  free consult. Peace, from Martha at Doula Woman.

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Trainings and Certifications


-Well Rounded Maternity birth doula

-Hypnobabies birth doula

-Basics of Lactation Support for Doulas 

-Prenatal Yoga (Womb Room and the Yoga Institute)

-Basic Life Support (renewed in 2019)

-Blood Born Pathogens (for placenta encapsulation)

-Reiki Practitioner

-Spinning Babies (2016 and 2018)


-Physiologic Birth (2019)
-Freebirth Study Course (completed in 2019)

-Birth Inclusivity (2018)

-Holistic Birthkeepers (in progress)

-Placenta Encapsulation, IPPA

-Postpartum Doula, ICEA

-Peer Support Breastfeeding 

-Childbirth Education, ICEA