Michelle's Availability


Michelle occasionally travels and trains new birth professionals.  In the event you go into labor while she is gone she will make every attempt to provide you with a back up doula.  In the event one cannot be found you will receive half your doula fee back.  Michelle does not regularly work with a back up.  If you are concerned about this or her training and travel schedule please talk to her.

Items listed on the vacation/out of town calendar are guaranteed to be happening. Those on the training calendar only are workshops that Michelle has scheduled, but they may or may not run depending on the number of people who register.  

Please look at both calendars below so you know when Michelle WILL be out of town and when she MAY be out of town.  Michelle believes in complete transparency, so you can make an educated decision on what is in the best interest of you and your family.  

Vacation/Out of Town Calendar (these are guaranteed dates)

Training Schedule-these workshops may or may not run