COVID 19 and our workshops

Due to COVID-19 we are not able to offer our classes in person, so all of our workshops are being offered online, and all can be used towards certification with ICEA.  

Postpartum Doula Workshops



MTM Training offers a postpartum doula care through the first 1,000 days  training that is approved by ICEA for certification purposes.  In our 2 day interactive training you will learn the basics of becoming an independent postpartum doula who can provide care not only in the immediate postpartum period, but throughout the first 1,000 days of life..  You will leave your training with the skills to start your business.  Your trainer who has been working in the birth world for more than 17 yrs and who has been teaching for more than 20 yrs will serve as your mentor assisting you through your journey as you go from novice postpartum doula to becoming experienced.  

This training is only one step towards certification and trainees should visit the ICEA website  for full details on certification requirements and fees.  

At this workshop we will go over all of the basics of becoming a postpartum doula.  We do a lot of interactive activities, have discussions, there are lectures and videos, and you get to try your hand at providing support in a mock setting.....we touch on many different aspects and explore all types of learning styles.  All of this provides participants the opportunity to also expand your learning and experience as we go through the three days.  The topics we cover (although not in this order) include:

  • ICEA and Postpartum Doula Certification
  • Mother’s Physical Recovery
  • Postpartum Emotions
  • Family Dynamics
  • Newborn Appearance
  • Baby Care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Listening and Communication Skills
  • How to facilitate a strong relationship in the families you work with before the baby arrives
  • How to help foster development (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and brain) so that families and children can be confident and strong.
  • Learn developmental play appropriate at each stage of life from birth through preschool age
  • Learn about developmental screenings to help alert families of potential issues that may need additional follow up with their providers
  • Replenishing the Doula Spirit – Maintaining the Passion
  • Safety and Self Care

The first 2 days are from 9 am to approximately 6:30 pm, and the third optional day goes until 6 :30pm (or later).  Class stays open the third day as long as you have business related questions and need assistance.  

Training fee

$525 - Additional $75 to add a business workshop to your training.  

For anyone planning on working for themselves I highly encourage adding the business workshop for $75.  Learn more about the business workshop here  (By adding the business workshop I include unlimited phone and email mentoring support from the date of registering through the completion of certification, access to my e-newsletters that take you from training to business owner in 224 days).  

The exact location of an in person training will be determined one month before the event is scheduled to occur based upon the number of people enrolled (unless it is already listed below).  There must be a minimum of four people enrolled for the training to run, and there will be a limited number of late registration spots available. 

Important Info to read before registering

Please placing your order you agree to the following:  

1.  I understand that if traveling to the workshop I should email Michelle ( to ensure the training is scheduled to run and has enough attendees prior to making my travel arrangements.  Also the exact location may be chosen one month prior to the workshop in the city that is listed, and if necessary the venue may change to accommodate the number of attendees enrolled.  

2.  In order to qualify for certification (or CE's) with ICEA as a childbirth educator, birth doula, or postpartum doula I understand I MUST attend all hours of the training, and must fulfill ICEA's requirements(online trainings do not qualify for certification or CE's).  

3. I understand that my training fees are not refundable and must be paid in full before the first day of the training, and if I am not able to attend the training I signed up for I can transfer my registration to another person for that workshop day/time (in the case of inclement weather or acts of God it is your responsibility to plan accordingly, and refunds will NOT be given.)   

If at anytime you have any questions or concerns please call Michelle at 414-378-9524 or email her 

This workshop has been approved for 16.0 ICEA contact hours.   If you need contact hours, CERPs, etc please verify this information with ICEA prior to registering for this workshop.  MTM cannot guarantee these as ICEA needs to apply for and maintain the credential. 

Workshop Dates

Virtual Workshops

More dates coming soon

9am-6:30pm CST both days

Optional third day business workshop for $75 


Bring a workshop to your area

How can I bring a workshop to my area?

Want to bring a workshop to your area?  It is most cases all you have to do is ask and help host.  To host you would need to find a location big enough to hold 8-10 individual and then help promote.  The host will be required to transport the trainer to and from the airport and the training location, provide a t.v. with HDMI hook up or another appropriate means of projection for the PowerPoint presentation, and will be required to provide light snacks and refreshments.  The best part is you may even be able to earn your workshop for FREE!!    

If you would like to move forward with hosting and bringing a workshop to your area please fill out the form below to start the process.  

*For workshops outside of the United States the requirements for the number of participants required to hold the workshop, and to receive the workshop for free may be different due to longer travel times and higher expenses incurred on the trainer.   

Private / One on One Workshop

Are you interested in having a private / one on one workshop?  Maybe you cannot find one in your area, or maybe you want one on one attention.......this option is just what you are looking for.  

Fee: $800 for the two day workshop + my airfare, hotel fees (3 nights hotel stay - the day before the workshop until the day after the workshop), and transportation from airport to hotel / hotel to teaching location, and back.  

Email Michelle if you are interested in this option